Monday, 14 March 2011

A Grey Room

A room. Standing in the middle were four boxes of a colour matching
the walls surrounding them. There was no visible entrance to the room. A line
was painted in a darkened colour around the upper and lower rims of the walls
and in one corner stood a vertical object stretching from floor to ceiling.
a. room
b. boxes
c. vertical object

From a distance a male form could be seen leaning over the curb from a stance on
the road. The feet had a firm hold on the worn grey tarmac and the corner of an iron
man hole. Blades of grass swept from under the pavement in to the street blowing
towards the ankles of the figure. Standing in an arch form, arms and head hanging
over the concrete paving slabs.

Paving Slab

Rectangle, Sharp corners, chipped edges, chalky, one corner cracked to form a
triangle drifting away from the main. The surface texture flat with a grid of evenly
spaced, raised spherical rounds the size of nail heads. A green stain where a drop of
paint once fell and was trailed by a shoe print. The smell of dust and an old
cigarette butt. Small flecks of dirt and rust drifting across the surface from left to right in
a diagonal.

The pink counters dropped all over the floor. pip pik tik pik tic pap pap tis tic

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